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Are you trying to refinance your current property or looking for competitive mortgage rates to finance your ideal home? If you want professional advice and access to the finest rates available, go no farther than Belanger Mortgages.

Our staff is committed to guide you confidently and with ease through the intricacies of the mortgage application process. At Belanger Mortgages, we recognize how critical it is to have current knowledge of the regional real estate market.

That's why we provide up-to-date information on current mortgage rates Ottawa to ensure you make well-informed decisions about your financial future, and get the best mortgage rates Ottawa.

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Prime Rate


Variable Rate


Bank Rates



8.04 % 1 Year 6.69 %
7.64 % 2 Years 6.04 %
7.24 % 3 Years 4.94 %
7.04 % 4 Years 5.09 %
7.04 % 5 Years 4.94 %
7.20 % 7 Years 5.65 %
7.69 % 10 Years 6.05 %

* Insured mortgage rates, subject to change. Conventional and refinance rates may be higher. OAC. E&EO

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